Ever Wondered How Getting a Domain Name Registration Works?

Most people think that registering a domain name means your website will be up and running in no time. This common mistake has left many frustrated and giving up on their dream of running their own online business. This article will clear up any confusion between domain name registration, running a website, and the connection between the two.

What is domain name registration?

This is where you pick the name for your online business and register it through a domain registrar such as Go Daddy. You get to pay a small fee (some offer it for free) and keep your name for a year after which you can renew it at the same price.

Some benefits of having a domain name are:

  • You can use the domain name for your website
  • You can use it to set up an email account

It is important to note that you should copyright your domain name to protect it. Also, having a domain name does not mean having a website. You can have the name and leave it dormant. Therefore, it would do you some good if you put the name to good use.

Setting up your website using your domain name registration

You can get your website up and running through building it, then finding a good hosting provider. When it comes to building your online business website, you can choose to do it yourself (given you know your way around the tech stuff) or pay someone to do it for you. Once that is done, you can go right ahead and pick your preferred type of web hosting. Here are a few types.

  • Shared web hosting where your website gets to be hosted on a shared server and split costs with the other website owners.
  • Cloud-based hosting that allows hundreds of servers to work together on a giant server. This is great since they accommodate your website growth when it starts receiving vast amounts of traffic.
  • Virtual Private Server, popularly known as VPS, where you share one server with other websites, but act separately. With VPS, you do not get to worry about another website bringing yours down.
  • Dedicated server where you get to rent one server and own full control. There is entirely no sharing with other websites.

With this straightforward information, your website will be ready to start meeting your business needs.

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